How it works

4 easy steps:

This is how it works


Set-up your account

Set-up your personal account. It only takes a couple of minutes. Need help setting up your account? Then simply check our support.


Link your exhange

Log in to your Innprove account. Then link your crypto currency exchange. It’s easy and secure. No crypto currency exchange account yet? Then check out our FAQ to find out how to create one.


Start investing

Decide on the amount you want to invest and start investing with a single click. Innprove does the rest for you. We call this smart investing. Want to find out what it looks like? Then go to the live dashboard.


Check your returns

Check your investment returns on your personal online dashboard. Start or stop investing at any time. It’s flexible and transparent. Want to find out your investment returns? Then log-in and see the performance in real-time.

invest in crypto currencies using a single platform

invest in crypto currencies using a single platform