Our fee structure is aligned with your interest: your financial growth.

Try Innprove for a month and check your returns. If we do not make a profit for you, you do not have to pay the fee for the profit share. If you do make a profit, then great! That’s what we call easy, smart and secure investing.

Our fee structure is as follows:

  • 0,2% monthly fee on the investment amount; and
  • 20% monthly fee on the profit share achieved



You invest €100 and make a monthly profit of €10 based on investments made using the platform. A €0,20 fee is charged (0,2% of €100) for the investment amount (as defined by you in your personal dashboard) and €2,00 (20% of €10) for the share in profit achieved. This makes the total monthly fee, €2.20. That means that your monthly net profit is €7.80 (7,8% of €100). Didn’t make a profit this month on the €100 you invested? In that case, we do not charge a fee for the profit share. Only the fee of €0.20 is charged for the investment amount.


What’s more

  • All fees are charged for on a monthly basis. Monthly fees are calculated in Euro and charged for at midnight on the first day of each month.
  • The investment amount can be chosen by you and defined in your personal dashboard. You can always change the investment amount.
  • Profit fees are calculated upon opening and closing of the trades. This means that after every trade (i.e. a buy and sell order and trade) the profit is calculated.
  • Monthly share in profit achieved refers to the net monthly profit, i.e. the profit after deducting the transaction fees charged by the crypto currency exchanges.


More information

More information about Fees and Payment can be found on the Support.

© Innprove Investments BV. All rights reserved.

© Innprove Investments BV. All rights reserved.